Our Mission

The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education creates developmentally, racially, and economically accessible teaching and learning communities for social change that empower learners (adults and children) to think critically, respond proactively, and strive for social justice. Our collaborative work with other groups and organizations makes the word praxis a part of our everyday speech as we participate in the continuous process of theory, action, and reflection to increase cultural democracy, inclusion, and empowerment.


Our Commitment

All members of the Praxis-ECE community are expected to engage actively in thinking, discussion, and change as we learn about the nature, dynamics, and impact of bias, oppression, and cultural relevancy and the ways in which theories, practices, and institutions are oppressive. It is critically important that we encourage and support each other in questioning assumptions and practices, moving beyond out individual and group comfort zones to change and grow. We hold ourselves accountable to our mission and core values through this process. Praxis-ECE's cultural relevancy and anti-bias commitment applies to all area of discrimination, including (but not limited to) those based on race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, language, country of origin, religion, gender, age and disability.