Our Goal:


Leading the charge for equitable early-childhood learning communities in the Greater Puget Sound Region. Empowering the whole by accommodating individuals.


What We Do

The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education promotes developmentally, racially, and economically accessible teaching and learning communities for social change.

Our community serves as the meeting place - a hub - around which teaching and learning for collaborative, cooperative, inclusive social change can revolve.

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Our Impact

The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education serves as an interactive teaching and learning community for social change. We prepare professionals to work with children, their families, and their communities. Our work also provides children with opportunities to make meaningful connections between their classroom, home experiences, and the work of adults.



children empowered

Through coaching educators and advocating for learners, Praxis’ impact expands well beyond our workshops, and trickles into classrooms, homes, and communities at large.



Years serving the Puget Sound

The team at Praxis-ECE has been integrated in the Greater Seattle Area’s Early Childhood Education community since 2002.



Community Workshops led

Our talented team has facilitated well over 50 workshops in the Puget Sound region.


Our Vision

We understand the importance of different learning styles and creating a variety of opportunities for children to learn from adults and for adults to learn from children. We exercise the use of praxis in all of our teaching and learning.


Adult Involvement

We foster a community where children see adults engaged in the teaching, practicing, and learning of social change, social justice, and leadership, and where adults see the early development of social change, social justice, and leadership as they observe and participate in the children's learning processes.

Accessible Learning Spaces

We create developmentally, racially, and economically accessible educational settings and practices that empower learners to find their own voices and to see themselves and others as unique and complex individuals influenced by the social and political  contexts of their experiences.


Praxis is “…reflection and action directed at the structures to be transformed.”

Paulo Freire / “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”


Get Involved

The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education is always excited to see community members eager to get involved with the important work Praxis is doing in the Greater Seattle Area. Here are some ways for you to become part of our story:


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